Lulu and the Eurovision Song Contest
13th May 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest, which airs tonight on BBC1, has produced countless memorable moments, but few are as iconic, and potentially controversial, as Lulu’s (shared) victory in 1969. On 29 March that year, Glasgow-raised Lulu was one of sixteen performers to take to the stage at Madrid’s Teatro Real – and one of four that […]

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How Glasgow came close to landing the Eurovision Song Contest 2023
10th May 2023

Glasgow was one of the last two cities in the running to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, although Edinburgh and Aberdeen had also submitted bids.

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Celebrating Beltane in Scotland
1st May 2023

Beltane is a Gaelic festival that marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It is characterised by the lighting of bonfires and, sometimes, dancing around the maypole.

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A history of earthquakes in Scotland
30th April 2023

Scotland is no stranger to earthquakes. It was struck by one in 1755 that was felt as far away as London.

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Who was Jessie Newbery and what was her influence on Scottish art?
27th April 2023

Jessie Newbery, who died in 1948, was a Scottish artist and embroiderer, and one of the artists who became known known as the Glasgow Girls.

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Leith steamships: from Scotland to the world
22nd April 2023

Leith, a port city on the Firth of Forth in Scotland, has a long and proud history of steamship travel and its docks remain important today.

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The Loch Ness Monster: a fishy history
21st April 2023

The Surgeon's Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster is considered by many to be fake. But could the monster still exist?

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Why we must thank a Scot for the accuracy of British maps
18th April 2023

Edinburgh-born Malcolm MacLeod was head of Ordnance Survey when the first trig point was used to survey Great Britain.

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