17th May 1906

Turnberry Golf Course is opened

The development of Turnberry Golf Course by Archibald Kennedy was a case of making the best of a bad lot. The land on which it was built was infertile but, with the announcement of the Ayr to Girvan railway, Kennedy saw an opportunity to convert it for sporting use.

13-hole course

In 1901, Willie Fernie designed a 13-hole course. Although 18 holes would today be considered a full course, and nine holes a half, courses differing from those were not uncommon in the sport’s early days. Leith Links, at which the first official game of golf was played, originally had just five holes.

A hotel was also built on site and, over the years, the number of holes – and courses – on the site increased. It was used as an air base during the First and Second World Wars, and renovated following the Second. After going through several big-name owners, it was acquired by the Trump Organization in 2014 and renamed Trump Turnberry.



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