31st May 2014

Edinburgh’s trams carry their first passengers

Edinburgh’s first passenger-carrying trams ran on the last day of May 2014 on a 16-station line that ran between York Place and Edinburgh Airport. This was the city’s second tram service, the first having been shut down in the 1950s. Edinburgh’s very earliest trams had been horse-drawn. These were replaced by cable-driven, and eventually electric equivalents.

Edinburgh trams at Ingliston Park & Ride stop
Edinburgh trams at Ingliston Park & Ride stop

Lengthy construction phase

The 2014 system had been under construction for seven years, with initial plans being signed off in 2007 and preliminary work getting underway later that year. The first parts of the track were laid in 2008 and several electrical substations were built at the same time to provide the necessary power. There were several delays and disagreements between the contractor and the delivery body, and the project started to run behind schedule. However, the first tram tests were conducted in 2011, almost three years before the service went into commercial operation.

In 2019, approval was given for an extension to Newhaven. Proposals for additional extensions would, if put into motion, see the network extended yet further to include a branch to Newbridge North and a loop via Princes Street, Port of Leith, Crewe Toll and Haymarket.



Other events that occured in May

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