22nd September 1786

Egyptologist James Burton is bron

James Burton, who is buried in Edinburgh’s Dean Cemetery, was the first man of the modern day to enter the largest tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, which contains the remains of the sons of Ramesses II. Ramesses II was one of the most powerful pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately for Burton, he would have been unaware of the full extent of the tomb he had opened, or who it contained, as access into its inner chambers proved impossible for more than 150 years after his initial excavations.

Burton lived in Egypt for close to 15 years where he helped in the exploration of several tombs, led the exploration of others, and compiled a dictionary of hieroglyphics. However, less than half of his time in Egypt has been accounted for, so there’s no way of knowing the full extent of his work in the country.



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