16th October 1994

Ingliston hosts its last motor race

The motor racing track at Ingliston, on the site of the Royal Highland Showground close to Edinburgh Airport, was once Scotland’s leading racing circuit. It was renowned for its tight corners, while also having extensive facilities for upwards of 10,000 spectators at a time, who would gather to watch drivers throw their vehicles around its bends.

Short, tight track

Formed from a series of access roads that had been linked together, Ingliston hosted its first race in April 1965 and, after three successful seasons, was quickly expanded. The addition of two straights and an even tighter hairpin bend allowed for more varied racing and longer laps. The extended course now ran to 1.03 miles, or 1.651km, and as well as the hairpin, it had corners called Southstand, Caravan, and Lefthander.

Further expansion was proposed in the late 1980s when plans were submitted for a £80m motorsports centre to be constructed on the site. Supported by Jackie Stewart, developers said that the new facilities, which would include a two-mile Grand Prix-standard circuit, would help create more than 2500 jobs. However, the necessary funding could not be raised and the plan didn’t proceed.

Ingliston’s last race

Racing came to an end at Ingliston in 1994 and the circuit officially closed the following year. Although the circuit is no longer used for motorsport races, and much of the circuit infrastructure has been removed, remnants can still be found at the site, which sits one station from the airport terminus of Edinburgh’s tram line.

Much of the trackbed is still used for accessing the agricultural showground, as it always had been, and a portion of the track has in subsequent years been upgraded for use, among other things, for driving experience days.



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