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A history of earthquakes in Scotland 30th April
Why we must thank a Scot for the accuracy of British maps 18th April
The Stotfield fishing disaster 25th December
Death of naturalist John Muir 24th December
Storm washes away Wick Harbour arm 19th December
Ship’s crew reports strange events at Flannan Isles Lighthouse 18th December
Hurricane Bawbag strikes Scotland 8th December
Scotland is hit by its largest ever earthquake 28th November
Scottish National Antarctic Expedition embarks on an ambitious voyage 2nd November
Earthquakes hit Comrie 23rd October
Ben Nevis observatory is established 17th October
Hundreds drowned in the Eyemouth disaster 14th October
John Muir Trust is founded 12th October
First warnings received in Operation Dark Harvest 9th October
The Moray Firth fishing disaster 19th August
Muckle Spate kills eight 3rd August
Malcolm MacLeod, head of Ordnance Survey, dies in Edinburgh 1st August
The Western Isles become part of Scotland 2nd July
Scotland loses 6000 miles of its waters 1st July
Father of modern geology is born in Edinburgh 3rd June
The National Trust for Scotland is founded 1st May
Ochil Hills are struck by an earthquake 30th April
John Muir Way opens on John Muir’s birthday 21st April
Salmon extinct in the River Kelvin 12th March
Nature writing pioneer Nan Shepherd dies in Aberdeen 27th February
The father of acid rain is born 15th February
Climbers killed in Buachaille Etive Mòr avalanche 24th January
Troops are dispatched after worst storm ever recorded 16th January
Scotland battens down the hatches 9th January