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Scottish Lighthouses: the most spectacular lights on the Scottish coast 8th June
Leith steamships: from Scotland to the world 22nd April
Sinking of HMS York spurs the building of Bell Rock lighthouse 26th December
The Stotfield fishing disaster 25th December
Storm washes away Wick Harbour arm 19th December
Ship’s crew reports strange events at Flannan Isles Lighthouse 18th December
Helicopter collides with Bell Rock lighthouse 15th December
Royal Yacht Britannia is retired to Edinburgh 11th December
Paisley canal disaster kills 84 10th November
SS Seniority sinks after running aground 8th November
US and Soviet submarines crash in Scottish waters 3rd November
Scottish National Antarctic Expedition embarks on an ambitious voyage 2nd November
Nuclear submarine runs aground off Skye 22nd October
Hundreds drowned in the Eyemouth disaster 14th October
SS Rowan is rammed and sunk 8th October
500 killed as ships collide off Islay 6th October
Ardnamurchan lighthouse lit for the first time 5th October
Start Point Lighthouse is an innovator 2nd October
RMS Queen Elizabeth is launched 27th September
Doomed ferry Princess Victoria is launched at Dumbarton 27th August
Cordial inventor Lauchlan Rose dies 23rd August
The Moray Firth fishing disaster 19th August
RMS Lusitania is laid down 17th August
The Meikle Ferry disaster kills 99 passengers 16th August
Parliament authorises construction of the Caledonian Canal 27th July
Doomed paddle steamer PS Comet is launched 24th July
Submarine U-23 is sunk 20th July
Crown jewels lost when ferry sinks in the Firth of Forth 10th July
Hundreds killed as battleship sinks in Scapa Flow 9th July
Piper Alpha oil platform is destroyed by fire 6th July
SS Daphne sinks upon launch, killing 124 3rd July
Naval hero Admiral Adam Duncan is born in Dundee 1st July
Scottish-built SS Norge sinks close to Rockall 28th June
The German fleet is scuttled in Scapa Flow 21st June
Engineer Robert Napier is born
Lighthouse pioneer Robert Stevenson is born 8th June
Scottish pirate William Kidd is executed 23rd May
Eliza Fraser is shipwrecked off Australia 21st May
French destroyer destroyed in the Firth of Clyde 30th April
Leith-built steamship is first to cross the Atlantic 22nd April
SS St Sunniva wrecked off Shetland 10th April
HMS Goldfinch is wrecked off Orkney 19th February
American servicemen drown on liner torpedoed off Islay 5th February
Bell Rock lighthouse is lit for the first time 1st February
More than 100 sailors killed in the Battle of May Island 31st January
Canned fish king John West is born 8th January
Crude oil tanker grounded off Shetland 5th January
Stornoway harbour shipwreck kills 200 soldiers 1st January