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First minister Alex Salmond is born 31st December
A Scot becomes Britain’s first Prime Minister 5th December
Socialist campaigner John Maclean is released from prison 3rd December
Death of women’s rights campaigner Agnes Brown 1st December
Birth of nationalist Lewis Spence 25th November
Nicola Sturgeon becomes Scotland’s first female First Minister 20th November
Scotland Act gains royal assent 19th November
Signing of the Auld Alliance 23rd October
Death of SNP founder John MacCormick 13th October
Nelson Mandela thanks Glasgow 9th October
Labour Party founder Keir Hardie dies 26th September
Treaty of York defines Scotland’s border 25th September
Alex Salmond is elected to lead the SNP 22nd September
Independence referendum delivers ‘No’ vote 18th September
Scottish Parliament building hosts its first debate 7th September
Death of Tom Johnston MP 5th September
Political martyr Thomas Muir is born 24th August
Political Martyrs Monument is established 21st August
The Marriage of the Thistle and the Rose 8th August
The Scotland Act 1978 gains Royal Assent 31st July
First ships head off on the Darien Expedition 18th July
Brewer William McEwan is born 16th July
Madame Ecosse is born in Glasgow 10th July
The Treaty of Edinburgh is signed 5th July
Orkney politicians propose Norway merger 3rd July
Scotland loses 6000 miles of its waters 1st July
Suffragists interrupt Churchill in Dundee 25th June
Scotland votes to remain in the EU 23rd June
Diplomat Sir William Maitland dies in jail 9th June
Ramsay MacDonald is elected prime minister 5th June
Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy dies 1st June
Journalist and political adviser Alastair Campbell is born 25th May
First Minister Donald Dewar is born 17th May
Explorer and diplomat Alexander Burnes is born 16th May
First meeting of the new Scottish Parliament 12th May
Labour leader John Smith dies
Mhairi Black becomes Britain’s youngest MP 7th May
Scotland gives 16-year-olds the vote 5th May
SNP forms its first Scottish government 3rd May
The Acts of Union come into force 1st May
Lord Cockburn dies in Edinburgh 26th April
The SNP wins its first parliamentary seat 12th April
The Stone of Destiny is recovered 11th April
Scottish MPs call for an independent BBC Scotland 9th April
Campaigner Willie McRae dies after being shot in the Highlands 7th April
The Scottish National Party is founded
Declaration of Arbroath asserts Scotland’s independence 6th April
The Radical War begins 1st April
The signing of the Claim of Right 30th March
King James VI of Scotland becomes King James I of England and Ireland 24th March
The First War of Scottish Independence ends 17th March
Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations 9th March
Scotland votes for an independent parliament 1st March
Scottish detective Allan Pinkerton saves Abraham Lincoln’s life 22nd February
Prime minister Gordon Brown is born 20th February
Engineer and bridge builder William Arrol is born 13th February
Prime minister George Hamilton-Gordon is born in Edinburgh 28th January