31st July 1845

The Caledonian Railway is founded

The Caledonian Railway was established in 1845, and opened its first line, between Glasgow and Carlisle, via Edinburgh, three years later. On arriving at Carlisle, passengers could change to connecting services for London.

Over subsequent years, its network was significantly extended, eventually encompassing Aberdeen, through a combination of investment, leasing lines, and acquiring other railway companies. The company also signed agreements with various steamer companies, which would allow it to sell tickets that combined train and ship journeys to link Scotland’s cities and islands.

Quintinshill crash

In 1915, five trains were involved in head-on collisions on the Caledonian Railway at Quintinshill. More than 220 died, and close to 250 were injured in the British network’s worst ever railway accident.

The Caledonian Railway became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway when Britain’s rail companies were rationalised in the early 1920s.



Other events that occured in July

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