6th November 1887

Celtic FC is founded

Although Glasgow’s Celtic FC was founded in winter 1887, it wasn’t until the following spring – 28 May 1888 – that it played its first game. It welcomed Rangers to its home ground at Parkhead, with the previous Friday’s Glasgow Evening Port reporting that “the proceeds will be devoted to clearing off the heavy debt incurred in getting the field into such good condition.” Celtic won five goals to two.

“Beautiful” ground

The ground, which The Scotsman of 9 May described as “beautiful” had been officially opened earlier that month, and the first match held there had been between Cowlairs and Hibernian, with the teams drawing nil-nil.

Celtic FC moved to Celtic Park in 1892. In June that year, permission was granted to the club president to erect a pavilion there and, on 18 July, the Scottish Referee newspaper recounted how, “the Celtic celebrate the opening of their find new ground and cinder track by holding their sports thereon on Saturday 13 August, commending at three o’clock. The grounds… when finished, will be among the finest in the kingdom, the accommodation for both spectators and competitors leaving nothing to be desired.”

However, Scottish Referee had far more to say about the facilities for cyclists. While the pitch wasn’t mentioned, the paper reported that “for cyclists especially great pains have been taken, and the determination to have a track second to none has been given full effect to. Those competitors who – judging from past experience of this club track – were inclined to cry off need now have no fear of competing. It will be as safe and comfortable as it is at present possible to make it.”

Forced to move by rising prices

The move had been necessitated by a significant hike in the rent for its original ground. Perhaps determined that this should not happen a second time, Celtic FC bought its new ground outright, five years after moving in. On 21 December 1897, the Daily Record noted that “last night the shareholders of the company formally and unanimously agreed to the directors’ proposals, the purchase price to be paid [to] Sir William Hosier being fixed at £10,000 on easy terms of payment.”

In 2014, Celtic Park hosted the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.



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