Less than a week after he was appointed prime minister, Renfrewshire-born Gordon Brown found himself dealing with a terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport, which had been rammed by a Jeep carrying burning gas cannisters. Five passers-by were injured, but none of the 4000 passengers and staff inside the terminal lost their lives.

June was also the month in which crime writer Val McDermid, Formula 1 racing driver Jackie Stewart, author MC Beaton and lighthouse designer Robert Stevenson were all born. Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, Taggart actor Mark McManus, and James Douglas, who was beheaded by the guillotine he had brought to Scotland, were each laid to rest.

The German Navy scuttled its ships in Scarpa Flow in June 1919 as discussions that would lead to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles were ongoing. Although the Treaty formalised the end of the First World War, the Navy was worried that the talks would break down and fighting would resume. If that happened while its ships were still in British waters, Britain and its allies could have used them against Germany, which would have been unable to defend itself. Scuttling, therefore, seemed to only logical course of action.

Several years later, June saw the establishment of the peace camp at HMS Neptune, the Faslane naval base on the Clyde, where Britain berths its nuclear submarines. Although it started small, the camp has been a constant presence, has grown steadily, and has gained international attention. The site has been a submarine base since the first trials were conducted there at the end of the First World War.


Also in June…

Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy dies 1st
James Douglas is beheaded by his own invention 2nd
Father of modern geology is born in Edinburgh 3rd
Crime writer Val McDermid is born 4th
Ramsay MacDonald is elected prime minister 5th
Taggart actor Mark McManus dies 6th
Landslide derails train at Falls of Crachan
Designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh is born 7th
Lighthouse pioneer Robert Stevenson is born 8th
George Orwell writes 1984 on Jura
Diplomat Sir William Maitland dies in jail 9th
Author MC Beaton is born 10th
Death of the man who coined the term ‘nucleus’
Miners organise a march on Edinburgh 11th
Racing driver Jackie Stewart is born
Faslane Peace Camp is established 12th
Inventor of colour photography is born 13th
Death of the debunker of phrenology 14th
Queen Mary’s husband escapes capture 15th
Muirfield golf course designer Old Tom Morris is born 16th
Economist and philosopher Adam Smith is born
Serial killer Archibald Hall is born 17th
Architectural designer Thomas S Tait is born 18th
The Battle of Methven 19th
Proposals for building Glenrothes new town unveiled 20th
Edinburgh engineer James Jardine dies
Engineer Robert Napier is born 21st
The German fleet is scuttled in Scapa Flow
Covenanters defeated in the Battle of Bothwell Bridge 22nd
Scotland votes to remain in the EU 23rd
Scotland is victorious at the Battle of Bannockburn 24th
Encyclopaedia Britannica’s first editor dies
Suffragists interrupt Churchill in Dundee 25th
Mysterious miniature coffins discovered on Arthur’s Seat
Inventor and physicist Lord Kelvin is born 26th
Jilted Dorothea Christina Thomas is born
The Queen officially opens Glasgow Airport 27th
Scottish-built SS Norge sinks close to Rockall 28th
Painter and etcher David Young Cameron is born
Fountain pen inventor is born in Stonehaven 29th
Glasgow Airport comes under attack 30th