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Why we must thank a Scot for the accuracy of British maps 18th April
Inventor of the Mackintosh is born 29th December
Industrialist John Brown dies 27th December
Hypnotism demonstrated for the first time 27th November
Death of the inspiration for Tarmac 26th November
Death of the inventor of Bovril 24th November
Dundee’s electric light demonstration 28th October
Tyre inventor John Boyd Dunlop dies 23rd October
First release of Grand Theft Auto 21st October
Death of engineer John Rennie the Elder 4th October
Birth of the inventor of the vacuum flask 21st September
Bicycle pedal inventor is born 2nd September
Cordial inventor Lauchlan Rose dies 23rd August
Television inventor John Logie Baird is born 13th August
Malcolm MacLeod, head of Ordnance Survey, dies in Edinburgh 1st August
Fountain pen inventor is born in Stonehaven 29th June
Inventor and physicist Lord Kelvin is born 26th June
James Douglas is beheaded by his own invention 2nd June
Waterbed inventor is born in Arbroath 15th May
Cancer pioneer Henry Littlejohn is born 8th May
Cash machine is patented 2nd May
Inventor and astronomer James Ferguson is born 25th April
Inventor of the fridge is born in Hamilton 15th April
The Edinburgh Duck is revealed 13th April
Fingerprinting pioneer dies relatively unknown 24th March
The man who named Antarctica is born in Edinburgh 22nd March
The inventor of the electric toaster is born 20th March
X-ray ‘martyr’ John Spence dies 15th March
Alexander Graham Bell gets the telephone to work 10th March
Scottish flushing toilet pioneer dies 8th March
Hypodermic syringe inventor dies in Edinburgh 26th February
Scottish inventor’s cinematic inspiration changes entertainment forever 25th February
Dolly the cloned sheep dies 14th February
Inventor of self-adhesive postage stamps is born 3rd February
Scottish bike inventor dies 26th January
Steam pioneer James Watt is born in Greenock 19th January
Canned fish king John West is born 8th January